• Terms and Conditions

    Please Read Carefully!


    We accept PayPal and cash transactions only. This means no checks, no exceptions. At reptile expos, we will accept credit or debit card payments, but online transactions are to be fulfilled exclusively through PayPal. Customers need not create a PayPal account to make a payment to Bay Gecko. If a customer does not have a preexisting account, and does not wish to create one, we only need a personal email in order to send a payment request through PayPal’s guest-checkout service. All payments must be registered under "Goods and Services" in order to ensure that our customers have full PayPal buyer protections.  

    Payment Plans

    Bay Gecko does offer extended payment plans on select geckos, and if this option is desired, please direct an inquiry to one of our breeders through the contact form on our website. Customers may also message us via Facebook or Instagram, but we do ask that customers do not send messages through multiple different media.

    Arranging a Local Pickup

    Please note that Bay Gecko is an exclusively online business, and does not have a storefront. This being said, customers may arrange a local pickup as opposed to a shipment if they so please. If a customer has selected a gecko from our available stock, and wishes to pick it up in person, simply request to do so and we will direct you to one of our three Bay Area locations (one in San Francisco, one in San Mateo, one in Dublin). We will schedule an appointment in accordance with your schedule if this is the case.


    Our shipment dates are Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. Customers may request shipping on any of these days unless circumstantial obstacles arise (i.e. storms, bad weather, etc.). Bay Gecko ships overnight to 49 states (Hawaii not included), and packages will typically arrive at your home before 10:30 the morning after your requested shipping date. For example, if you request a Wednesday shipping date, your package will arrive Thursday. We will remind customers of this at the time of shipment. Customers will be provided a FedEx tracking number, and will receive email updates through Ship Your Reptiles upon request. A customer must schedule a shipment day at least three days in advance, and a request is not considered complete until we have received all necessary shipping information. Required shipping information includes full name, home address, five digit zip code, phone number, email address, and predicted daytime high temperature at the location of delivery. Bay Gecko will not ship any geckos until full payment is received. In order to receive a shipping estimate, customers must send Bay Gecko the zip code of their desired delivery location. Note: in-state shipments tend to be less expensive than out-of state shipments. Average price for out-of-state shipments is approximately 55 USD.

    Live Arrival

    Bay Gecko insures live arrival of your crested gecko so long as daytime high temperatures on both ends of the shipment are between 67F-85F. Our first priority is to minimize stress during the shipping process in order to ensure safe, on-time arrival, and we will not ship an order unless weather permits. In the extremely rare case that a gecko is found to be dead on arrival, customers must contact Bay Gecko within 24 hours of the delivery in order to resolve the issue. NOTE: our live arrival guarantee is rendered void if a customer is not at home to personally receive the delivery.

    Bay Gecko guarantees that all geckos that we ship are healthy at the time of shipment. As such, we do not extend a period of health guarantee, as there are so many factors that affect a gecko’s health that occur on the customer’s end, and we cannot possibly quantify all of these possibilities. In case of illness or death in the days immediately following the delivery of your gecko, we will work with you in order to find out what went wrong, and in some cases we may offer to replace your gecko.

    All Sales are Final

    Bay Gecko will not refund live animal transactions unless circumstances outlined above apply. Customers are not entitled to their money back if they change their mind about a purchase after submitting payment. We encourage customers to take this into consideration when making a purchase, and to plan accordingly.